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Clean Room Equipment

We are a time-honored organization manufacturing a wide assortment of clean room equipment and accessories that are fabricated using various filters like HEPA and different clean room accessories, laminar flow workstation, Clean Rooms - Class 100K to Class 100. These are high in performance are manufactured in conformation to the international standards using various filters like HEPA and different clean room accessories. Our equipment finds wide application in Pharma, Medical, Aerospace, Microelectronics etc. We also offer Annual Maintenance Contract & Service for these systems along with Calibration & AMC that comprises of Service and Validation. Our credible service and unmatched quality range is widely appreciated and is in high demand all across the country. We are looking for inqueries from South India & Overseas Countries.

Our all-encompassing range includes the following:

Modular Operation Theatre

Our Fan Filter Unit is a silent performer.

We use a state-of-the-art imported compact Motor-Blower assembly from Germany. Room-Side-Replaceable (RSR) Minipleat HEPA filters are used. These filters are installed by Gel-gasketing method, which ensures leak free performance and ease of installation/replacements. In Operation Theatres conventional HEPA filters with flanges are an eyesore as numerous screws and fasteners are visible from the OT. The entire FFU is less than 12" high, so these can be installed even below the false ceiling. 

FFUs are installed in such a way that the entire OT table is covered by the sterile air. Provisions are made in the FFUs to take air from the AC duct and delived sterile air to the room or to take air from the OT itself. These units are available in GI-powdercoated or aluminium or SS304 construction. The Fan Filter Units when installed in a frame is called Laminar Flow for OT. LAF for OTs are normally of sizes 6ft. X 4ft. or 8ft X 6ft. We can suit the Fan Filter Units for any size of Laminar Flow Unit. We are looking for inqueries from South India & Overseas Countries.

The same FFUs can be used in existing Operation Theatres with Split ACs or Window ACs.

Laminar Flow Workstation

A Laminar Flow Unit is a sub-micron air filtration equipment that provides Sterile/Clean environment on a small area/zone such as a Table Top or a filling area. Laminar Flow Units protects the product from being contaminated by engulfing the entire product in Class 100 atmosphere. Airflow could be Horizontral flow or Vertical flow depending the direction of air flow. Our Horizontal Laminar Flow Unit is called benchMARK and Vertical Unit is called standMARK. We are looking for inqueries from South India & Overseas Countries.

These equipments essentially have a HEPA filter, a Pre-filter and a Blower with a enclosure to house all these and a work area where the critical operation takes place. Depending on the requirement of clean air flow the type of unit is selected. 

Laminar Airflow Unit protects only the product and not the person or the environment, so Pathogenic work/hazardous work should not be done in this system.

Application: Pharma - Filling, QC, Microbiology, Micro-electronics & Electronic Assembly, Patient Care, Andrology & In-vitro Fertilization, Biotechnology/Tissue Culture, Optics, Electro-optics, Aerospace, Defense & Nuclear Research

Biological Safety Cabinets

Biological Safety Cabinets are safety equipments to be used for handling Hazardous Pathogens. These cabinets, apart from creating a Clean & Sterile environment, to protect the product/sample also protects the Lab personnel and the Atmosphere. 

The vertical downward airflow protects the product, the inflow along the front edge protects the user and the HEPA filtered exhaust air protects the atmosphere. We are looking for inqueries from South India & Overseas Countries.

Pathogens have been classified into four risk levels from 1 to 4. Based on the level of risk of the pathogen and the procedure, NSF-49 of USA has classified the Biosafety cabinets into three Classes viz. Class I, Class II & Class III. 

Class II cabinets are further classified into 3 types viz. Type A/B3, B1 & B2. 

Class II Type A/B3 recirculates 70% air and exhausts 30% air 
Class II Type B1 recirculates 30% air and exhausts 70% air
Class II Type B2 exhausts 100% air without recirculation.

Clean Room Accessories

Apart from building Clean Rooms, we also manufacture Clean Room Accessories that are as important and ingredient as the Clean Room itself. We are looking for inqueries from South India & Overseas Countries.

Some of the Clean Room Accessories we make are:

*   Air Shower            *   Air Curtain         * Covings
*   Pass Box - Dynamic & Static              * Epoxy Flooring 
*   Epoxy/PU Wall Coating                        * Garment Cabinets
*   Clean Room Lighting                             * Tacky Mat
*   Clean Room Drain Trap                        * Cross-over Bench  
*   Clean Room Garments                         * Laboratory Furniture
*   Clean Room Doors                                 * View Panels
*   Clean Room Chairs                                 * Hand Dryer

Clean Rooms - Class 100K to Class 100

Clean rooms are special temperature controlled rooms where Temperature, Relative Humidity and Particle Count are regulated. In order to attain and maintain the desired conditions in the room, Air Conditioning is Integrated with Air Filtration.

Air Filtration takes place at sub-micronic levels, 0.3micron level to be precise, at a very high efficiency of 99.99%. To prevent contaminants from entering the room, the room is maintained at a positive pressure relative to the adjacent rooms. We are looking for inqueries from South India & Overseas Countries.

HEPA Filters

HEPA fitlers or HIGH EFFICIENCY PARTICULATE AIR filters are made of 100% glass microfibre. These filters remove 0.3micron and larger particles at a minimum efficiency of 99.97%. First Air coming out of a HEPA filter is Class 100. HEPA filters are used in applications where a Dust free and Sterile Environment is required. These filters have a high pressure drop of the order of 250Pa, so high static pressure blowers are required for overcoming the pressure drop. We are looking for inqueries from South India & Overseas Countries.

As HEPA filters remove sub-micron particles and as the HEPA filter media is delicate, these can get damaged even while storing. To ensure that the HEPA filters installed in the equipment/AHU are not damaged, there are certain tests that have to be done. These tests are Air velocity checking, HEPA filter Pressure drop test & HEPA filter Integrity Test (DOP Test) 
HEPA filter Integrity test procedure: the filter is challenged with known aerosolized particles of 0.3micron and larger (DOP, POA etc)on the upstream side and checked downstream using a Photometer Probe. If there is a leak in the filter, the particles are sensed by the scanner of the Photometer and displayed as leak on the LED screen. If the leak is more that 0.03%, the filter is supposed to have failed.

While procuring HEPA filters it should be insisted that the supplier has a HEPA filter testing facility and ensure that the filter is tested onsite after installation.

As more than 95% of the HEPA filter media used in India is imported and expensive, to prevent frequent replacements, always a pre-filter has to used before HEPA to filter the coarse particles.

These are designed based on air quantity. Two types of HEPA filters are available, one is Aluminium Separator type and the other is the State-of-the-art Minipleat type. Minipleat HEPA filter is more sleek than the Separator type HEPA.

In Clean Rooms HEPA filters are installed in the Air Handling Unit or in the specially designed Terminal Plenum. Apart from Clean Rooms HEPA filters are used in Lab Equipment employing Air filtration such as Laminar Flow Workstations, Biological Safety Cabinets, Air Showers, Positive Pressure Modules etc.

Pressure Modules - Critical Rooms

Clean Room Modules are HEPA filtration systems that cater to the "Small Clean Room" requirements of Clients who work on a limited budget and for applications where a full fledged Clean Room, involving major site alterations and costs is not possible or not necessary. To meet these requirements, MARK has developed HEPA filter Modules each of the modules has a specific purpose as detailed below. The Positive Pressure Module feeds fresh air into the room after HEPA filtration, the Room Air Dilution Module recirculates room air through the HEPA filter in repeated cycles resulting in dilution of the concentration of contaminants / particulate matter in the room, the AC connectable Module filters the cooled air from the window air conditioner in a HEPA filter and supplies sterile air to the room. A combination of the modules described above helps in achieving the desired cleanliness level in the room. Note : Modules are suitable for rooms that are not wider than 12ft., in wider rooms air distribution might be affected. Model : safeMARK Salient Features • Class 100000 to Class 1000 achievable. • Ideal for rooms of area 250 SqFt or less • Suits budget, results match conventional systems • Flexible & economical systems; modules can be added or deleted without major alterations. • Minimum time loss, installation within 3 days. Ideal for Research and Development work in Institutions/ Universities; Operation Theatres, Patient Care, IVF Lab, Diagnostics/Culture Lab in Hospitals; Pilot plants and start-up units in Pharma, Electronics, Biotech. We are looking for inqueries from South India & Overseas Countries.

Calibration & AMC Services

We have successfully achieved a strong foothold over the domestic market offering world-class service in respect of monitor calibration services & AMC services that includes Service/Validation. We check HEPA filter integrity test as per IES recommendation, on the basis of periodic checking of airflow velocity, uniformity, static pressure etc and undertake service for any make of Laminar Airflow/HEPA filtration equipment. We are looking for inqueries from South India & Overseas Countries.

Pass Through Box

Prominent & Leading Manufacturer and Supplier from Chennai, we offer Pass Through Box such as Pass Box, Static Pass Through Boxes, Transfer Chamber and Dynamic Pass-Through Boxes.

New Items

Pioneers in the industry, we offer New Items such as Garment Cabinet and Recirculation Modules from India.

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