HEPA Filter Modules

HEPA fitlers or HIGH EFFICIENCY PARTICULATE AIR filters are made of100% glass microfibre. These filters remove 0.3micron and larger particles at a minimum efficiency of 99.97%. First Air coming out of a HEPA filter is Class 100. HEPA filters are used in applications where a Dust free and Sterile Environment is required. These filters have a high pressure drop of the order of 250Pa, so high static pressure blowers are required for overcoming the pressure drop. We are looking for inqueries from South India & Overseas Countries.

As HEPA filters remove sub-micron particles and as the HEPA filter media is delicate, these can get damaged even while storing. To ensure that the HEPA filters installed in the equipment/AHU are not damaged, there are certain tests that have to be done. These tests are Air velocity checking, HEPA filter Pressure drop test &HEPA filter Integrity Test (DOP Test)
HEPA filter Integrity test procedure: the filter is challenged with known aerosolized particles of0.3micron and larger (DOP, POA etc)on the upstream side and checkeddownstream using a Photometer Probe. If there is a leak in the filter, the particles are sensed by the scanner of the Photometer and displayed as leak on the LED screen. If the leak is more that 0.03%, the filter is supposed to have failed.

While procuring HEPA filters it should be insisted that the supplier has a HEPA filter testing facility and ensure that the filter is tested onsite after installation.

As more than 95% of the HEPA filter media used in India is imported and expensive, to prevent frequent replacements, always a pre-filter has to used before HEPA to filter the coarse particles.

These are designed based on air quantity.Two types of HEPA filters are available, one is Aluminium Separator type and the other is the State-of-the-art Minipleat type. Minipleat HEPA filter is more sleek than the Separator type HEPA.

In Clean Rooms HEPA filters are installed in the Air Handling Unit or in the specially designedTerminal Plenum. Apart from Clean Rooms HEPA filters are used in Lab Equipment employing Air filtration such as Laminar Flow Workstations, Biological Safety Cabinets, Air Showers, Positive Pressure Modules etc.

ecoCLEAN Range: Ceiling Mounted HEPA Module

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Ceiling suspended Laminar Airflow are used in various applications such as Operation Theatres, Pharma filling & Packing, Microbiology Lab etc. These provide ultra clean sterile HEPA filtered Class 100 first air into isolated areas where the highly sensitive process/activities are carried-out. These also act as Room Air Dilution module as it recirculates room air through HEPA filter. These can be connected to a Return Air Riser for low level pick-up. Ceiling LAFs can be installed side-by-side to create a larger Clean / Sterile areas.

As we are designers & manufacturers of these systems, we can suit these systems to your existing AC systems and integrate these systems to the existing AC systems.

Ceiling Suspended LAF available in Metallic construction, either in GI powder coated construction or fully stainless steel construction (SS304).

Minipleat HEPA filter, Pre-filter, dynamically balanced ultra-low noise compact Blowers are standard.


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