Clean Room Accessories

Apart from building Clean Rooms, we also manufacture Clean Room Accessories that are as important and ingredient as the Clean Room itself. We are looking for inqueries from South India & Overseas Countries.

Some of the Clean Room Accessories we make are:

*   Air Shower            *   Air Curtain         * Covings
*   Pass Box - Dynamic & Static              * Epoxy Flooring 
*   Epoxy/PU Wall Coating                        * Garment Cabinets
*   Clean Room Lighting                             * Tacky Mat
*   Clean Room Drain Trap                        * Cross-over Bench  
*   Clean Room Garments                         * Laboratory Furniture
*   Clean Room Doors                                 * View Panels
*   Clean Room Chairs                                 * Hand Dryer

Ss Garment Storage Cabinet

₹ 30000/Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Usage/ApplicationClean Room
MaterialStainless Steel
BrandMark Air
Sheet Thickness10 mm
Country of OriginMade in India

Sterile Garments can be stored in our Garment Storage Cabinet, the Cabinet storage space is maintained sterile by HEPA filtration. For additional sterilization, an Ultra-Violet Lamp is also installed. For hanging Garments, a rod is provided at the top. A double door with locking arrangement is provided. Optional racks are available for stacking the Garments or for storing other Clean Room tools and material.


Fan Filter Units for Clean Rooms

₹ 20000/Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Surface FinishingYes
Three variantsMinipleat HEPA filter
Compact Motorized Blowers EBM GermanyFactory Tested for Intergrity
compatible with any type of Clean RoomCan be used as Laminar Flow
Speed control optionNoise insulation

Minimum order quantity: 5 Piece

Our Fan Filter Units (FFU) are silent performers. With our FFUs Cleanliness levels of upto Class 10 can be achieved. We have 4 standard sizes of FFUs, 48" X 24" X 14", 36" X 24" X 14", 24" X 24" X 12" & 18" X 18" X 10"

We use imported state-of-the-art compact blowers from Germany in these FFUs. These are designed, fabricated and tested in world class factories. The Motor-Blower assembly is fully balanced and designed for continuous operation. HEPA filters are minipleat type with micro-fiberglass media to trap submicron particles of the range of 0.3microns at a very high efficiency.

These FFUs are versatile in application and can be integrated to various types of HVAC systems. We use these FFUs in Modular Clean Rooms for Terminal HEPA filtration, as hook-up modules for Clean Room upgrades, Softwall & Hardwall Clean Rooms, Laminar Flow Units, Positive Pressure Modules.

The FFUs can be connected to ducts in Clean Rooms or can be installed on stands & be called a Clean Tent or a Laminar Flow Unit. The FFUs are very sleek and can be easily hidden above the false ceiling or in a T-grid so that the HEPA filter is only visible from the Clean Room.

To suit all Site requirements, our FFUs are designed with Room Side Replaceable (RSR) HEPA filters, non-RSR HEPA filters, RSR HEPA & Blower etc. For Modular Clean Rooms a specially designed control panel is supplied with the FFUs on request with speed control & monitoring options.

These FFUs are used in all Lab applications such as Microbiology, Biotechnology, Mushroom-inoculation, Medical Diagnostics, College Research (PhD), Display panel assembly & service - TVs, Mobiles, Tablets etc, Microelectronics, PCB testing/service etc. Animal House, Dust control, Plant Tissue Culture, Pilot plants for Pathogen control etc.

We have a fully equipped and trained installation & service team with all the necessary instruments such as Aerosol Photometer, Particle Counter, Air Velocity-Anemometer etc. all calibrated to NABL traceability. We undertake AMC and Validation/Calibration of all HEPA filtration systems including FFUs.

Modular Sterile Room with Static Passbox

₹ 25000/Piece Get Latest Price

Door FinishingPowder Coated
Height10 Feet
BrandMark Air
Panel Thickness10 mm
Frequency50 Hz

Sterile Rooms are the same as Clean Rooms. These rooms are not only dust free but also micro-organisms free. These rooms are defined as per international Standards such as US Federal Standard 209E or ISO-14644-1.

Based on the requirement of the Client and his application, we design suitable systems to achieve the desired conditions such as Temperature, Relative Humidity, Cleanliness level etc. in the Clean Room. The desired conditions are achieved by integration of Air-conditioning and filtration.

Filtration takes place at sub-micron level, at 0.3microns level to be precise at a very high efficiency of 99.99%. For the a certain level of Cleanliness to be achieved in a room a certain quantity of air has to be supplied to the room through HEPA filters.

The air entering the room after HEPA filtration is better that Class 100 clean. This air is already cooled and conditioned in the Air Handling Unit to achieve the temperature and RH in the room. The Class 100 air that enters the room, fills the room and carries with it the suspended partlcles and pushes the settled particles at the floor level to the corners of the room, where Return Air Risers are installed to carry the contaminated air to the AHU for reprocessing. 

Though the room condition, mainly the Cleanliness level, is achieved by the AHU and HVAC systems, it can be sustained only by having proper interior finishes in the room.

In Modular Clean Rooms the Wall and Ceiling Panels are designed in such a way that they do not shed particles, contaminant/dust collection is minimum and cleaning is easier.

In Conventional Clean Rooms Wall has to be smoothened with Putty and fully coated with Epoxy/PU to make it non-shedding and impervious.

False Ceiling has to be made of rigid material and suspended from the RCC roof and made air tight, so that the positive pressure in the room does not bring down the particles above the False Ceiling. All 90deg. joints between wall-wall, wall-floor & wall-ceiling are rounded off with masonary Coving or Epoxy Coving to facilitate cleaning.

Floor should be seamless, without joints with smooth finish. Poured Epoxy or PVC floor with welded joints is preferred.

Air Shower

₹ 75000/Unit Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Model Name/NumberjetMARL-1
SizeInner: 900 X 900 X 1850mm; Overall: 1700 X 1000 X 2200mm
MaterialGI Powder coated
Corrosion ResistanceNo
Height1850mm - Inner & 2200 to 2400mm outer
Operation Time60 to 120 Secs
Voltage230 V
Motor Capacity350W - 2 Nos
CapacityFor one person at a time
Electrical SupplySingle Phase
Air Velocity4000 fpm
Supply FilterHEPA filter

Minimum order quantity: 1 Unit

The Air Shower equipment available with us is a self-contained Clean Room entry enclosure that minimizes the entry of particulate contaminants carried by the personnel entering the Clean Room. The first air is better than Class 100. We fabricate Air Showers to suit your requirements, though we have standard sizes.

Working of the Air Shower:

Air Shower is a double door enclosure, one door for entry to the enclosure and the other, the exit door that leads to the Clean Room. The Shower is equipped with high static blowers that discharges HEPA filtered air at high velocity in the order of 3500 feet per minute through nozzles located on the ceiling and walls of the enclosure. As the HEPA filtered ultraclean air strikes the person(s) from all directions, at high velocity, it dislodges lint/dirt/contaminants that hang loosely from the garment or exposed body parts. These particles are thrown to the floor of the enclosure and sucked by the blower through Pre-filters.

A solid state electronic circuit renders the operation fully automatic & controls the sequential operation of the Electromagnetic door interlock arrangement. This ensures entry of personnel only after the air shower.

Applications :
• Semiconductor mfg Micro-electronics
• Aerospace
• Optics and Electro-optics
• Paint Booth and Speciality coating
• Coordinated measuring machine
• Hospitals
• Biotech Labs
• Pharma mfg etc.

Models :

• jetMARK-01 for one person
• jetMARK-02 for two persons

Variants such as single entry two exit and two entry one exit are also available. Door orientation such as left entry straight/right exit or right entry straight/left exit etc. can also be specified.

Standard Features:
• Metallic powder coated construction
• 2-stage filtration - Pre-filter & HEPA filter
• High Velocity filtered air - at around 3500 fpm
• Nozzles located so as to cover the entire body
• Fully automatic with solid state control circuit
• Doors electro-magnetically interlocked
• Standard sizes available, can be made to suit site conditions

Standard Performance:

• Cleanliness level - Class 100 first air at nozzle
• Air Velocity - 3500 fpm + / - 5% at the nozzles
• Filtration - HEPA at 99.97% for 0.3u particles
• Illumination - 800 lux at 3 ft height
• Mode : Fully Auto/ Manual
• Power requirement : 3 phase, 415 Volts

Dimensions in inches

w d hW D H
jetMARK-0124 30 7660 30 90
jetMARK-0230 48 7648 54 116

Ductless Fume Hood

₹ 50000/Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Country of OriginMade in India

Minimum order quantity: 1 Piece

uni directional streams of class 100/zero cfu air sweep through the work area to render it ultraclean and sterile .the inputs that go into the making of these systems are of the highest quality standard recommended by reputed international bodies such as the institute of envirorment sciences (ies),usa 

Static Pass Box

₹ 22000/each Get Latest Price

Product TypeStatic
BrandMark Air

Our firm is counted among the trusted manufacturer, and supplier of Static Pass Box that has perfect finishing and is highly reliable. The given pass box is designed using superior quality material as per the set market norms under the direction of professionals. This pass box is checked from our side before delivering to customer’s end. The offered pass box is available in different specifications to meet the exact needs of the customers.


  • Compact size
  • Simple functionality
  • Low Noise and Efficient

Static Pass Through Boxes

₹ 25000/Pieces Onwards Get Latest Price

Product TypeMaterial transfer box for Clean Room application
Usage/ApplicationPharmaceutical Industry
Size450 X 450 X 450mm to 900 X 900 X 900mm
MaterialGI Powder coated or SS304
Weight15 to 75Kgs
Door TypeManual, Swing, glazed
Surface FinishingPowder coated
Controller TypeMicro controller based
PorosityN A
Noise LevelN A
HEPA Filter supplyNA
U V LightYes
Three Pin TopYes
Fluorescent LED LightYes - LED
UV Hour MeterAvailable

Minimum order quantity: 2 Pieces Onwards

Static Pass through Boxes are used for transfer of material between two Clean Rooms that are equally Clean. Static Pass Box should not be used between Clean Room and nonClean Room. Our PassBox has electromagnetic interlocking arrangement between the two doors with LED indication to show if any door is open. Material of Construction could be either GI with powder coated finish or fully SS 304 grade Stainless Steel. An UV lamp and CFL lamp are provided in the enclosure.  

Though these PassBoxes are custom made standard sizes are (Outer Size) 600 X 600 X 600mm, 500 X 500 X 500mm 

Pass Box

₹ 25000/Piece(s) Onwards Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Product TypeDynamic
Frequency50 Hz

We offer PassBox that are reliable and heavy duty. We make Pass Box in GI powdercoated as well as SS304 construction. Both Static & Dynamic Passbox are offered by us.

Though standard models are available in 24" X 24" & 18" X 18" sizes, we offer any size.  

The two doors of all our PassBoxes are interlocked with electromagnetic latches with an led indication.
When one door is open the other door cannot be opened.

A UV lamp is fit in the Passbox and a CFL lamp will be installed on request. The doors are double glazed with Poly carbonate sash. If these are installed on Modular wall panels or aluminium sections, additional support from floor / wall has to be provided.

Dynamic Pass-Through Boxes

₹ 45000/Pieces Onwards Get Latest Price

Product TypeMaterial transfer box for Clean Room application
Usage/ApplicationPharmaceutical Industry
Size450 X 450 X 450mm to 900 X 900 X 900mm
MaterialGI Powder coated or SS304
Coving Inner Bottom corners are dulyAvailable
Air Flow DirectionVertically downwards
FLP Motor BlowerAvailable (option)

Minimum order quantity: 2 Pieces Onwards

Mark Air  Dynamic  Pass Through Boxes are installed in a manufacturing area to pass through the materials from a uncontrolled environment to a controlled environment.

It is cubicle box with doors on both side and they are interlocked. It protects the controlled environment from possible pollution while transferring a material inside.

These Dynamic pass boxes works in similar process of AIR SHOWER and removes such loose particles / dirt from the packed materials transferred the manufacturing area to other places & vice versa in PHARMACEUTICAL/ ELECTRONIC/FOOD INDUSTRIES.

Available in the MOC of electro-Galvanized iron with polyurethane paint coated matt finish and IS 304/316Grade SS with finish 4 polish/ mirror finish. 

Transfer Chamber

₹ 25000/Piece Get Latest Price

Product TypeDynamic
BrandMark Air

We are specialized in offering a range of transfer chambers, which are manufactured using high quality raw material and premium-grade components. These chambers are mainly used in plastics processing in which thermosetting plastic is softened by heat and pressure before being placed in a closed mold for final curing. Our range also find application in diverse industries such as electronic, pharmaceutical and food industries. These chambers are capable of eliminating pollutants completely from the air.


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